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Happy Birthday Nicola Scott!


Lulu Spotlight: Eleanor Davis


Eleanor Davis was working on her first published children’s book, Stinky, while still a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Now the book, about a monster who is scared of humans, has garnered her an Eisner Award nomination in the “Best Publication for Kids” category, as well as receiving  a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book seal on its front cover.

Davis is also an accomplished comic book creator with a number of stories, like the moving “The Island,” under her belt.

Read more about Eleanor Davis:


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Read: Comic-Con 2009 Guide For Families


If you are going to SDCC this year with your family, this helpful guide from the San Diego Visitors News Network could give you some great ideas and even save you time. Among the suggestions:

  • Don’t stick too close to your schedule, because “you never know what’s going to happen.”
  • Try to bring your own food to the convention, or grab food outside the convention center.
  • Take a mid-day break away from the convention area.
  • Cosplay is fine, but dressing for comfort is king.
  • Cell phones are a must for the family to stay in touch on the convention floor.
  • And don’t forget your sling-mounted art tube for all those awesome posters, prints, and artwork!

Ten Things About Her: Tigra


1. Greer Nelson, the character who would later be known as Tigra, was introduced in Claws Of The Cat #1 in 1972.  She was co-created by Linda Fite, Roy Thomas, and Marie Severin. Roy Thomas had said that at the time, Stan Lee wanted to have comic books that had special appeal to girls.

2. The Cat’s costume would later be used for Tigra’s fellow Avenger, Hellcat.


3. The superpowered tiger-woman Tigra first appeared in Giant-Size Creatures #1 in 1974, and was created by Tony Isabella & Don Perlin.

4. A dying Greer Nelson was given a second chance at life by the Cat People, who transformed her into their legendary half-human half-cat warrior called Tigra.


5.  Tigra possesses all the heightened senses of a cat, as well as superhuman strength, a semi-prehensile tail, and the ability to shift her bones like a feline.

6. She originally possessed a “cat soul” as well as a human soul, which caused a conflict in her personality; these aspects were later fully merged, giving her more balance between her human and feline sides.


7. Tigra has been a member of the Avengers, West Coast Avengers, and The Initiative. She has also appeared in the book Avengers Infinity, and was recently a part of She Hulk’s “Lady Liberators”.

8. Greer Nelson/Tigra is also/has been a scientist, policewoman, and accomplished pilot.

9. During the series Civil War, Tigra had infiltrated Captain America’s “Secret Avengers” team and was a mole working for Iron Man.


10. Tigra has been romantically linked to Yellowjacket, not knowing at the time that he had been replaced by a Skrull. As of this writing, Tigra is pregnant with this ersatz Yellowjacket’s baby.

Ellie Frazetta Passes Away


The Beat reports that Eleanor “Ellie” Frazetta has passed away. Ellie was the famed artist Frank Frazetta’s business partner and life companion:

Known for her feisty personality as well as her intuitive business acumen, she was instrumental in successfully establishing record prices for Frank’s work throughout her life.”

Our condolences go out to the Frazetta family.

Ten Things About Her: Amelia Louise McBride


1. Amelia Louise McBride is a spunky 4th Grader who is the star of the popular comic book series by Jimmy Gownley, Amelia Rules!

2. Amelia’s parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother.

3. Amelia’s good friend Reggie Grabinsky is also known as “Captain Amazing,” and is the leader and founder of G.A.S.P. (The Gathering of Awesome Super Pals).

4. The father of Amelia’s friend Joan Driscoll is deployed overseas in Iraq.


5. Amelia often confides in and seeks advice from her Aunt Tanner, a “retired” pop rock princess.

6. Jimmy Gownley has said that Amelia Rules! is not about childhood, but about growing up.

7. Before the divorce of her parents Amelia lived in New York City, where she was best friends with Sunday Jones (leader of the new group G.A.S.P. NYC).


8. Amelia Rules Volume 3: Superheroes won the Cybil Award for Best graphic novel for readers twelve and under in 2007. The comic book series has been also nominated for a number of Eisner and Harvey Awards.

9. Simon and Schuster acquired the publishing rights to Amelia Rules! in 2008.


10. The first ever Amelia Rules Musical was performed in December 2007 by Small Pond Productions in Keene, NH, and “Amelia Rules: Superheroes” is currently being performed by two girls in the Arizona speech and debate circuit. You can see excerpts of the Keene, NH performance here.

Jeanine Schaefer Promoted To Editor

Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has announced on his blog that Jeanine Schaefer has been promoted from associate editor to editor. Schaefer will be moving to the X-Men office to work with Axel Alonso.

Breevort also mentioned that Lauren Sankovitch, a former assistant editor in the Ultimates office, has been promoted to associate editor and will now work in his office.

Friends of Lulu congratulates Jeanine & Lauren and wishes them continued success!

Trina Robbins @ SDCC Underground Comix Panel


During San-Diego Comic-Con Trina Robbins will be speaking at the Underground Comix panel sponsored by Abrams ComicArts on Friday, July 24th from 4:30-5:30 in Room 10. This is a great chance to see Trina and other classic underground comix creators discuss the craft.

About the panel:

Comix were underground comic books that reflected a generation’s dissatisfaction with the government, cultural “norms,” and the status quo.  The late 1960s saw the emergence of these underground comix, a new wave of humorous, counterculture-inspired comic books that dealt with social and political subjects like sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and war protest.  While the works of members of the movement such as Robert Crumb and Art Spiegelman are well known, the art of many of their comix-era contemporaries, including Gilbert Shelton, Trina Robbins, Justin Green, Kim Dietch, and S. Clay Wilson, remains unacknowledged.

Moderated by Denis Kitchen [coauthor of Underground Classics (Abrams ComicArts); cartoonist; editor; publisher], who was present at the birth of the underground comix movement, the Underground Comix panel discussion will engage expert James Danky (coauthor of Underground Classics), Trina Robbins (a rare female artist in the comix world), and comix artist William Stout in a conversation about the history and significance of this extremely prolific and often overlooked period in comics history.

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Jenny Christopher Named Sales Director Of BOOM! Studios


We are happy to announce that our own Lulu Membership Secretary Jenny Christopher has been named Sales Director of BOOM! Studios! Congratulations, Jenny!

BOOM! Studios Adds Industry Vet As Sales Director
July 15th, 2009 – Los Angeles — BOOM! Studios announced today that Jenny Christopher will be joining the BOOM! Studios team as their new Sales Director. In the position, Ms. Christopher will oversee BOOM!’s just announced mass market distribution relationships with Simon & Schuster and HarperCollinsCanada. Christopher will also oversee BOOM!’s burgeoning newsstand distribution through Kable Distribution Services, Inc.

Christopher joins BOOM! during a time of explosive growth that has seen the company rocket to the top of the Direct Market publisher short list with an aggressive publishing plan that includes original series, licensed comics and an all ages line, following the mantra of its new campaign for 2009: “Big. Bold. BOOM!” Along with Marketing Director Chip Mosher and Assistant Dafna Pleban, Christopher will add her talents to one of the largest and most aggressive marketing and sales teams currently in comics.

“Jenny is a rock star. During her time at Diamond, she’s been the secret to BOOM!’s success over the last year. It’s great to now have her officially onboard the BOOM! team full time,” said Marketing Director Chip Mosher. “Nothing I could say can communicate how ecstatic I am to have Jenny’s incredible spirit and vigor as part of BOOM!’s not-so-secret plans to conquer the world! With Jenny on board, we are going to kill it! Watch out world!”

Jenny Christopher was most recently a Purchasing Brand Manager at Diamond Comic Distributors, where she was responsible for day to day communications with a number of comic publishers including Viz, Tokyopop, and Top Shelf as well as book publishers such as Simon & Schuster, First Second, WW Norton, Titan, and Scholastic. While at Diamond her responsibilities included choosing product to be listed in the Previews catalog as well as working closely with publishers in developing exclusive editions such as Dave Gibbons’ WATCHING THE WATCHMEN and Roman Dirge’s full color edition of LENORE: NOOGIES.

Prior to joining Diamond she was a buyer and community liaison for Daedalus Books and Music in Columbia, Maryland. She was also elected this past year to the national board of directors of Friends of Lulu.