Welcome To The New Friends Of Lulu Site (In Progress)


Hi, all.

This is the new Friends of Lulu site. As you can see, it is in progress.

Our goal with this site is to provide you with:

  • The most updated information on our organization
  • A full archive of Friends of Lulu’s past publications and accomplishments
  • A resource section for all topics relating to women in comics
  • A regularly updated blog featuring articles, reviews, announcements, and so forth

We are particularly excited about the archive section, which will have files and PDFs of the following:

  • All past Friends of Lulu newsletters (before the changeover to our e-newsletters)
  • Friends of Lulu art, logos, photos, fliers (since the beginning of the organization)
  • Publications like our Retailer’s Handbook
  • Perhaps more!!!!

It is our renewed goal this year to provide our members (and, to a degree, the public) with educational materials, opportunities to network and connect with peers, and forums in which to promote one’s work.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please email us at info@friends-lulu.org.

Thank you!


2 responses to “Welcome To The New Friends Of Lulu Site (In Progress)

  1. I love the new look 😀

  2. I have several books at the lulu .com marketplace
    Italian Easter Cookbook
    series of books on the topic of color

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