Trina Robbins and “Brinkley Girls” Profiled In PW


An article ran recently in Publisher’s Weekly about Trina Robbins’ new collection from Fantagraphics Press of the work of classic cartoonist Nell Brinkley. The article, “Go, Girls! Trina Robbins Brings Back The Brinkley Girls” provides a good overview of both Brinkley’s work & Robbins’ scholarship regarding the groundbreaking illustrator.

Robbins noted the relative obscurity of Brinkley’s work today compared to her contemporaries:

Considering the beauty of Brinkley’s art and its fame during her life, it’s more than a little surprising, that they she isn’t better known today. “It’s just fascinating to me that you can open your dictionary and go to G and find Gibson Girls but you can’t find Brinkley Girls under B,” says Robbins. “Why did he survive and why did she have to be reclaimed? The only answer I can think of is, gee whiz, he was a man and she was a woman and the men wrote the histories and they just didn’t think that what women did was worthwhile.”

“The Brinkley Girls: The Best of Nell Brinkley’s Cartoons 1913-1940” is edited by Trina Robbins and is available now from Fantagraphics Press.


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