10 Things About Her: Halo


This is a new feature where we focus on a female comic book character and list ten things about her. Some characters will be familiar to you, and some obscure: feel free to chime in if you’re a fan or have some interesting trivia about the character.



1. She made her debut in DC’s The Brave And The Bold Vol. 1 #200, in 1983.

2. She was created by Mike W. Barr & Jim Aparo.

3. She was originally the merged consciousness of a human woman named Violet Harper and an “Aurakle”, an iridescent-colored ancient energy being.

4. Violet Harper was a sociopath, but her merging with the Aurakle created a new, innocent entity who is shocked at the propensity of humans to harm one another.


5. Halo can fly, and create auras of different colors around herself which have different effects – which, in a DC Universe of so many color-based characters, provided a lot of interesting story ideas.

6. Halo’s violet aura gave the sociopathic personality of Violet Harper control of the body

7. She died and came back to life, albeit in another merged form.

8. Alfred invited Halo to come back to the Outsiders in 2009.


9. The alternate Halo of Elseworlds JLA: Another Nail was African-American.

10. Her unique costume, like that of Dazzler and other very “1980s” female superheroes, has made her a cult favorite and fondly remembered despite her relative obscurity.


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