Lulu Review: No Girls Allowed


No Girls Allowed

Writer: Susan Hughes

Artist: Willow Dawson

Publisher: Kids Can Press

Price: $8.95

No Girls Allowed is a delightful graphic novel for adults and children alike that recounts fascinating and true tales of females throughout history who dressed up as men in the name of freedom, adventure, and ambition.

The roster of “cross-dressing” lasses include:

  • Hatshepsut, Egyptian princess who became a pharaoh.
  • Mu Lan, who assumed a male identity to defend her homeland in war.
  • Esther Brandeau, Jewish survivor of a shipwreck who assumed the role of a Catholic young man to both escape religious persecution and gender restrictions.
  • James Barry, accomplished doctor who might not have ever had the opportunity to practice her/his craft if she/he remained a woman.

Susan Hughes presents the tales in a clear, concise, and thoroughly entertaining manner, and Willow Dawson’s illustrations convey a depth of emotion & meaning within a streamlined, “cartoony” style. Very educational, but never dry.

Rating: 4/5 Lulus



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