Around The Web With Lulu! 7/8/09


SKIN HORSE, the popular webcomic – and 2008 Stumptown Trophy Award winner for best small press – is now available for pre-order! You can purchase the 144-page collected edition, by writer/artist Shaenon K. Garrity and co-writer Jeffrey C. Wells, here (story via The Beat).

Katherine Dacey from the “Good Comics For Kids” column in the School Library Journal has posted an interesting & helpful list of comics and graphic novels that reflect America’s cultural diversity. The list is divided into age groups “pre-teens” and “teens (13+)”, and is definitely worth a read!

Karen Green at “Adventures in Academia” takes a look at Scottsboro Alabama: A Story In Linoleum Cuts and opines: “I Like It!…But Is It Comics?”

Finally, via Sarah Jaffe at Blog@Newsarama we’ve gotten word that Wonder Woman is apparenty running for major of Washington DC. Read link for details.


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