Ten Things About Her: Firestar


1. Was originally created for the animated television show “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.’

2. Was created after the “Spider-Man” TV producers couldn’t use the Human Torch because of rights issues.


3. Was originally designed by John Romita, Sr., and bore more than a passing resemblance to Peter “Spider-Man” Parker’s main squeeze in the comics, Mary Jane.

4. First appeared in comics in Uncanny X-Men #193.

5. Was featured in a 1986 miniseries by Tom DeFalco, Mary Wilshire, and Steve Leialoha.

6. Was a founding member of the New Warriors.

7. Refused to wear a cleavage-revealing outfit designed by her Avengers teammate The Wasp.

8. Has powers that are microwave- rather than simply flame-based.


9. Was engaged to her New Warriors/Avengers teammate Justice, but called the wedding off because she felt she need more life experience.

10. Apparently, in the comic Marvel Divas, is revealed to have cancer.


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