10 Things About Her: Mindy Markus


1. Mindy Markus is 1/3 of the team known as “The Night Owls,” a Detective Agency set in New York City in the 1920s and specializing in cases that involve the supernatural.

2. Mindy’s real name is Princess Melinda DeFunari.

3. Her foster father is Rumpelstiltskin.

4. Since Mindy was born in a FairyTale kingdom, she’s inherited a low level resistance to magic.

5. Mindy’s first job in NYC was as a clerk at Gimbels Department Store.

6. As the Night Owls cases became more dangerous, Professor Baxter considered firing Mindy for her own safety, until she proved how tough and resourceful she was by saving him from a demon.

7. Mindy set up a gym in the Night Owls brownstone where she exercises daily to keep in tip-top shape.

8. Mindy’s foster dad can spin straw into gold, which means Mindy has access to enormous wealth, but she prefers to make her own money.

9. Mindy is allergic to Strawberries.

10. Mindy loves crossword puzzles, and even had a couple of her own printed in the New York Daily Mirror.


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