Ten Things About Her: Little Audrey


1. Audrey first appeared in the “Noveltoon” Santa’s Surprise in 1947. Noveltoons were a series of cartoons produced by Paramount Pictures’ Famous Studios, and a number of the characters from those cartoons were later sold to the publisher Harvey Comics.

2. Little Audrey is considered to be a variation of Little Lulu, created by Paramount after the license to Marjorie Henderson Buell’s popular character was not renewed.


3. Little Audrey was voiced in the cartoons by Mae Questel, also the voice of Olive Oyl. In 1948 Little Audrey had a cameo in the Popeye cartoon “Olive Oyl For President.”

4. Harvey Comics published the adventures of Little Audrey from 1952-1976, though St. John’s Publishing Co. produced 24 issues and one annual before that.


5. According to Don Markstein’s Toonpedia, “Little Audrey” might have been the first integrated comic book series with no racial stereotypes, due to the inclusion of her African-American friend Tiny.

6. Audrey’s archrival was the unpleasant, prankish Melvin.

7. By 1960, Little Audrey was one of the most well-known of the Harvey Comics girls – until such characters as Little Lotta, Dot, and Wendy The Good Little Witch eclipsed her in popularity. Sometimes it just pays to have a gimmick!


8. There is a folk-character named “Little Audrey” from the 1930s, the subject of many jokes; she is a little girl who can find the humor in any situation, often a catastrophe. The tagline for the folklore Little Audrey is: “she just laughed and laughed.”

9. Little Audrey made guest-appearances in the 1996 animated cartoon “The Richie Rich Show.”


10. You can see a whole bunch of classic Little Audrey cartoons here for free – and legal!


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