Ten Things About Her: Amelia Louise McBride


1. Amelia Louise McBride is a spunky 4th Grader who is the star of the popular comic book series by Jimmy Gownley, Amelia Rules!

2. Amelia’s parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother.

3. Amelia’s good friend Reggie Grabinsky is also known as “Captain Amazing,” and is the leader and founder of G.A.S.P. (The Gathering of Awesome Super Pals).

4. The father of Amelia’s friend Joan Driscoll is deployed overseas in Iraq.


5. Amelia often confides in and seeks advice from her Aunt Tanner, a “retired” pop rock princess.

6. Jimmy Gownley has said that Amelia Rules! is not about childhood, but about growing up.

7. Before the divorce of her parents Amelia lived in New York City, where she was best friends with Sunday Jones (leader of the new group G.A.S.P. NYC).


8. Amelia Rules Volume 3: Superheroes won the Cybil Award for Best graphic novel for readers twelve and under in 2007. The comic book series has been also nominated for a number of Eisner and Harvey Awards.

9. Simon and Schuster acquired the publishing rights to Amelia Rules! in 2008.


10. The first ever Amelia Rules Musical was performed in December 2007 by Small Pond Productions in Keene, NH, and “Amelia Rules: Superheroes” is currently being performed by two girls in the Arizona speech and debate circuit. You can see excerpts of the Keene, NH performance here.


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