Ten Things About Her: Tigra


1. Greer Nelson, the character who would later be known as Tigra, was introduced in Claws Of The Cat #1 in 1972.  She was co-created by Linda Fite, Roy Thomas, and Marie Severin. Roy Thomas had said that at the time, Stan Lee wanted to have comic books that had special appeal to girls.

2. The Cat’s costume would later be used for Tigra’s fellow Avenger, Hellcat.


3. The superpowered tiger-woman Tigra first appeared in Giant-Size Creatures #1 in 1974, and was created by Tony Isabella & Don Perlin.

4. A dying Greer Nelson was given a second chance at life by the Cat People, who transformed her into their legendary half-human half-cat warrior called Tigra.


5.  Tigra possesses all the heightened senses of a cat, as well as superhuman strength, a semi-prehensile tail, and the ability to shift her bones like a feline.

6. She originally possessed a “cat soul” as well as a human soul, which caused a conflict in her personality; these aspects were later fully merged, giving her more balance between her human and feline sides.


7. Tigra has been a member of the Avengers, West Coast Avengers, and The Initiative. She has also appeared in the book Avengers Infinity, and was recently a part of She Hulk’s “Lady Liberators”.

8. Greer Nelson/Tigra is also/has been a scientist, policewoman, and accomplished pilot.

9. During the series Civil War, Tigra had infiltrated Captain America’s “Secret Avengers” team and was a mole working for Iron Man.


10. Tigra has been romantically linked to Yellowjacket, not knowing at the time that he had been replaced by a Skrull. As of this writing, Tigra is pregnant with this ersatz Yellowjacket’s baby.


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