10 Things About Her: The Black Cat (Harvey Comics)


1. According to Don Markstein’s Toonpedia, The Black Cat beat Wonder Woman to print by four months, debuting in Pocket Comics #1 in August, 1941.

2. The Black Cat was none other than Hollywood starlet Linda Turner, whose adventures began when she suspected her director of being a Nazi spy.

3. Linda Turner was trained as a stuntwoman and was proficient in Judo, riding motorcycles, and other skills.


4. Linda took on the identity of a black cat because she knew that criminals were a cowardly and suspicious lot.

5. The Black Cat’s sidekick, Kit Weston, was part of a family of circus aerialists, “The Flying Westons.” When Kit’s parents were tragically killed in a trapeze accident, Linda took the boy under her wing, gave him a superhero costume, and dubbed him “Kitten.” Stop me if you heard this one before.


6. The Black Cat was often drawn by Lee Elias – also known for drawing the character of Black Canary at DC Comics.

7. Many of the writers of The Black Cat are unknown, but Bob Haney is on record as saying he was the author a few of the stories.


8. In 1948, as the popularity of superheroes waned, Harvey Comics tried to repackage The Black Cat as a western, with Linda Turner still in the lead. When that failed, Linda was taken out of the book entirely and the title bccame a horror comic.


9. It was rumored in 1992 that Sean Young, after her aggressive campaign to play Catwoman in the “Batman” sequel failed, would get her sweet revenge by playing The Black Cat in a big-screen version of the Harvey Comics superheroine.

10. In 2005 it was reported in Variety that the script was being finished up for another proposed movie adaptation of The Black Cat, this one produced by Michael Uslan and directed by “Scorpion King” and “The Mask” director Chuck Russell.


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