Message From Lulu

As we gear up for the announcement of the 2009 Lulu Awards, we wanted to write a brief note as to where we are & where we are going as an organization – as well as concrete ways you can help us!

After 15 years as one of the most well-known non-profit organizations for women in comics, we are giving ourselves a needed “tune-up.” This will probably last until the beginning of next year, at which time a new board will be in place; until then, we are not accepting memberships or financial donations. However, if you are interested in being a member of Friends of Lulu, please email us at and we will put you on a mailing list to contact at the start of next year!

But we are still hard at work to provide you and the rest of the public the following this year:

  • The Lulu Awards
  • A regularly updated blog with which to promote your work and the work of other females in comics (which we urge you to take advantage of & send us your info to post!)
  • A great deal of behind-the-scenes work in preparation for next year in order that 2010 be he best year for Lulu yet!

As for how to help us NOW:

The biggest way Friends of Lulu can be helped right now is by having volunteers who are not only passionate about Women in Comics, but about getting involved in the rigors and rewards of a non-profit organization.

Please contact us at to get more information, and to inquire about running in the Fall for one of our national board positions.

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