2009 Friends Of Lulu Woman Of Distinction Award: Joanne Carter Siegel

joanne siegel

Joanne Carter Siegel has made an impact on the Superman legacy both in its mythos and in the realm of creator’s rights. Originally hired as an artist’s model by Joe Shuster, Joanne was one of the original inspirations for the classic character Lois Lane. She had stood by her husband Jerry Siegel through the thick and thin that often characterizes life in the comic book industry, and after he passed away continued the fight for Jerry’s rights to the character he co-created.


I often find that behind many great comic creators are devoted spouses who support their vision and give them an exemplary level of encouragement and assistance. Whether these significant others are helping run their partner’s booth at a comic convention, assisting them with paperwork, or even making sure they get their fair share of credit and notoriety after they leave this world – they should be recognized. Creating comics can be like a lonely, long-distance marathon, hours spent in solitude in a studio; it’s great, perhaps even in the long run necessary, to have that life-partner to not only provide one with companionship, but vital inspiration.

Friends of Lulu salutes Joanne Carter Siegel with the Woman of Distinction Award.

Joanne Carter Siegel Links:

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6 responses to “2009 Friends Of Lulu Woman Of Distinction Award: Joanne Carter Siegel

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  2. I have known Joanne and her family for many years and they are people of great kindness, grace, integrity and caring.

    I think the character of Lois Lane gave the world an example of a woman who was at the same time smart, pretty,trustworthy, strong and a fitting partner for even a man of steel.

    Thank you Joanne for being that inspiration.


  3. Congratulations Joanne,
    As a friend of Laura, I learned of your family’s plight with this issue. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe is yours. Unfortunately there are far too many unscrupulous people in this world who take advantage of other’s hard work and ideas.
    The Superman legacy and Lois Lane’s character have generated millions and millions of dollars from an idea spawned from your late husband and you.
    Hats off to you Joanne (Lois) for standing up for your rights as a woman and for all those who have been taken advantage of by the powers that be.
    Elaine Gervasi

  4. Congratulations, Mrs. Siegel!

    You’ve not only been an inspiration for your late husband and the late Joe Schuster, but for so many women who have had to stand up to the establishment to find justice. I salute your efforts and am so pleased that this award was given to you.

  5. Congratulations — in the past decade or so, Joanne has singlehandedly fought for comics creators past and future, female and male, in a fundamentally important way. And she has done so in a very quiet, non-grandstanding manner mostly out of the public eye, making this wonderful recognition long overdue.


  6. Congratulations! Definitely an award well-deserved!

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