2009 Leah Adezio Award For Most Kid-Friendly Work: Rapunzel’s Revenge


When you think of Rapunzel, a helpless woman trapped in a tower may come to mind, waiting for a daring young man to save her. But Rapunzel’s Revenge, written by the married team of Shannon and Dean Hale, and illustrated by Nathan Hale (no relation), turns that fairy-tale on its head and presents an empowered Rapunzel who can take care of herself and loves adventure.

Rapunzel’s Revenge mixes fairy-tale tropes with the backdrop of the Wild West. Teaming up with Jack (from beanstalk fame), she helps liberate the entire kingdom from the oppressive regime of her mother’s evil empire. The result is a graphic novel that both kids and adults can enjoy, and one memorable heroine.rap_boar

Rapunzel’s Revenge has also won or has been nominated for many awards, including an ALA 2009 Notable Children’s Book award, a YALSA 2009 Great Graphic Novel for Teens award, and an Eisner Award nomination.

If you haven’t already read it, we encourage you to read a copy of Rapunzel’s Revenge, our 2009 “Leah Adezio Award For Most Kid-Friendly Work” winner.

Rapunzel’s Revenge Links:

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2 responses to “2009 Leah Adezio Award For Most Kid-Friendly Work: Rapunzel’s Revenge

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  2. Marilyn J. Hollman

    Pair this w/the wonderful film of “Berneice ( this is misspelled, i think.) Bobs Her Hair,” based on story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Add “Samson” narrative and whatever else comes to you. And anything you can find about Native American males and their hair — and Spike Lee’s second film – the title escapes me — much criticized b/c he revealed “secrets” about hair! Collegiate setting.

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