This page will have links to the following:

  • List of relevant women-in-comics links
  • List of comic book publisher contact information
  • List of “Industrial Strength Women” — women working within the comic book industry in such departments as Editorial, Graphic Design, Marketing, and much more
  • Directory of female comic book creators.

These lists, especially the last two, will require a lot of intensive research, and require timely updating. If you wish to donate your time to help make this possible, please email us at Thanks!

2 responses to “Resources

  1. Kath in Melbourne

    Hi, I jut found out about Friends of Lulu in a book by Trina Robbins – “From Girls to Grrrlz” so I thought I’d check you out. I want to try and write a graphic novel for teens. I’m experienced in art, graphics and school teaching, so,.. what could possibly go wrong!?!?! Well, Hi all, and thanks for being here. Now, I’m going to look on your site for advice and help in my project.

    • I saw a thing about Friends of LuLu on a TV show called “Current.” It’s so funny because I’m really looking for a resourse to help me get started with possibly submitting my work to a publisher who’s interested. I also have skills in art & graphics and all these ideas and doodles swirling in my head…there begging me to let them out!

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