2009 Female Comic Creator’s Hall Of Fame Inductee: Gail Simone


Our 2009 Female Comic Creator’s Hall Of Fame inductee Gail Simone first came to the attention of the comic book fan community with her website Women In Refrigerators and her humor column for Comic Book Resources “You’ll All Be Sorry!” From there she scripted many books for Bongo Comics, including Simpsons Comics, Treehouse of Horror, and Bart Simpson Comics.

Following her work on Deadpool for Marvel Comics, she penned a revolutionary and popular run on the DC Comics title Birds of Prey. Other DC projects Gail has worked on include Action Comics, the Villains United mini-series, the Villains United spin-off monthly series Secret Six, the mini-series Rose and Thorn, and the relaunch of The Atom.

In 2007 Gail became the new regular writer for Wonder Woman, notable for being the character’s longest-running female writer.


She has also been involved in many charitable causes, including her support for Wonder Woman Day (the proceeds of which donates money to battered women’s shelters), and raising funds for comic book writer John Ostrander’s eyesight-saving glaucoma surgery.

Gail’s “Hall of Fame” award is much deserved and long overdue.

Gail Simone Links:

Women In Refrigerators

“You’ll All Be Sorry” Forum

The Comics Journal interview

After Ellen Interview

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