C. Tyler Interview At Comics Reporter


Carol Tyler, the writer/artist of the new graphic memoir from Fantagraphics Press, You’ll Never Know, Book One: A Good And Decent Man, has a great interview with Tom Spurgeon up at The Comics Reporter. You’ll Never Know is the first graphic novel from Tyler, and tells the story of her relationship with her World War II veteran father.

Here is a sample from the interview:

SPURGEON: Although I can see this as something you’ll get into in future volumes, do you have any insight as to why men like your father don’t talk about these events? There’s a wonderful scene early on at a dance where you show that this generation of men and women have this remarkable shared experience that almost no one ever talks about. Why do you think that is?

TYLER: Because World War II was awful, and I will spell it out completely, just how awful it was as the story goes along. Trying to distance oneself from pain is normal. Not talking about it is unhealthy. I can’t blame these guys for not talking. But eventually the memories return.

You can visit C. Tyler’s website here for more info on You’ll Never Know and her other works.


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